US/UK/EU Ship OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset tool SRS Reset Equipment Covers 79 Brands and Over 10700 ECU Part No. Support Battery Reset for Audi Volvo by BENCH

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2 OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset tool: OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset tool SRS Reset Equipment Covers 79 Brands and Over 10700 ECU Part No. Support Battery Reset for Audi Volvo by BENCH
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Product Description

  1. OBDSTAR P50 airbag reset tool covers 79 brands including Tesla and over 10700 ECU part No. and some MCU.
  2. Support battery reset for Audi and Volvo by BENCH.
  3. One year update for free, no need tokens.
OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset tool PINCODE Intelligent Airbag Reset Tool
  • 100% Original Distributor code: 0086A002
OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset tool Highlight
  • Supported Language: English only.
  • Ship from US/ EU warehouse, fast delivery & no tax to the USA and EU countries.
  • One year update for free no need tokens.. 150 USD for update per year from second year. ( 90 USD for another year of update if you renew it before expires)
  • It's based on the RK3128 Quad-Core processor, extremely fast and smooth; equipped with a 5-inch capacitive touch screen, touch sensitive.
OBDSTAR P50 Main Functions
  • Support Tesla bench airbag reset
  • Supports fuzzy search for ECU part No.
  • Contains clear BENCH mode wiring diagram
  • Support Battery Reset for Audi by BENCH
  • Contains powerful and complete description files for fault code
  • With powerful functions and wide coverage, it covers 79 brands and over 10700 ECU part No., some MCU.
  • Buy Cluster Calibration & Oil Light/ Service Reset Function Authorization, get the same function as the odo master.
  • Supports Hyundai/Kia TC2xxx types, Toyota R7F7016443, R7F7016843 bench airbag reset with CANFD adapter
  • OBDSTAR P50 is based on RK3128 quad-core processor, extremely fast and smooth; equipped with 5-inch capacitive touch sensitive screen.
  • If you have obdstar x300 dp plus or odomaster, you can directly buy OBDSTAR Airbag Reset Kit to get the same SRS coverage as P50. 
OBDSTAR P50 Advanced Functions:
  • Read ECU Information: Read ECU part number, historical frame number, current frame number, collision record.
  • Read DTC
  • Erase DTC
  • Read EEPROM: Read EEPROM data from ECU for backup
  • Write EEPROM: Write EEPROM data into ECU
  • Read FLASH
  • Write FLASH
  • Write VIN: Write back the correct VIN after executing [Crash Data Clear]
  • Clear/Erase Crash: Clear ECU crash data
  • Unlock ECU
Please check before buying: How to Update OBDSTAR P50?
Always keep software update to date. 
1. Upgrade prompt: When the OBDSTAR P50 is connected to the internet-when there is software update, a red upgrade prompt will appear in the upper right corner of the "one-key update" button
2. Operation method: connect the OBDSTAR P50 to the internet-click "one-key update"-select all or check the software that needs to be updated-click"upgrade"
How to Update OBDSTAR iScan Tablet Software
OBDSTAR P50 Functions:
BDSTAR P50 Basic Functions:
1. Supports one-click airbag reset for 79 brands and over 9700 ECU part No.
2. Supports fuzzy search for ECU part No.
3. Contains clear BENCH mode wiring diagram 
4. Contains powerful and complete description files for fault code
More functions are in developing...
P004 adapter is designed for ECU programming, reading or writing data in bench mode. It has merits below:
1. Programming devices keep in normal communication no matter turn on or off 12V power button;
2. Turn on or off 120Ω resistance at any time for CANBUS ECU;
3. Support 6&14 and 3&11 CANBUS communication at the same time;
4. Support GM Single CAN(GM SCAN);
5. Support K communication;
6. P004 jumper can connect with multiple wires at the same time, make wiring clearer and easier;
7. DB15 connector can communicate with any OBDII-16 I/O interface.

OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Software【V30.46】Update:
Function Brand Software Version Details
Airbag   V30.46 1. Highlights Added
Add 275 part NO. again!!! (8800+part No.supported)
Add 231 part numbers for the below models to support airbag reset:
Add ACURA 95640 (1 part No.);
Add ALFAROMEO 95256,95640 (2 part No.);
Add ASTONMARTIN (1 part No.);
Add BAIC R7F701008 (4 part No.);
Add BRILLIANCE R7F701008 (5 part No.);
Add CHEVROLET R7F7010083 (3 part No.);
Add CITROEN 95320 (1 part No.);
Add DODGE 95256 (1 part No.);
Add FORD 95320,MAC7242,TC22XX-16F( 4 part No.);
Add GREATWALL XC2336A (1 part No.);
Add HAIMA R7F701008 (5 part No.);
Add HONDA 95640,SPC56AP54,TC23XX32F (8 part No.);
Add HONGQI R7F701008,R7F701009 (5 part No.);
Add HYUNDAI 95256,95512,TC23XX-16F,TC23XX-32F (9 part No.);
Add INFINITI 93C76,95640 (3 part No.);
Add JEEP 95512 (2 part No.);
Add KIA 95512 (1 part No.);
Add MAZDA XC2361A (1 part No.);
Add NISSAN 95128,TC22XX-16F (9 part No.);
Add OPEL 95160 (1 part No.);
Add PEUGEOT XC2336B-40F (1 part No.);
Add RENAULT 95080,95160,R7F701042,TC222S-16F (92 part No.);
Add SEAT TC22XX-16F (1 part No.);
Add SUBARU H8SX1726 (1 part No.);
Add TOYOTA H8SX172X,R7F7016443,R7F7016843 (60 part No.);
Add VW MPC5604P,TC224L-16F (2 part No.);
Add ZOTYE R7F701008 (7 part No.).

Add 44 part numbers for the below models to support Read/Erase DTC:
Add AUDI 95640 (2 part No.);
Add BAOJUN TMS570 (1 part No.);
Add CHANGAN R7F701A033 (1 part No.);
Add DODGE 95128 (5 part No.);
Add FIAT 95640,TC23XX-32F (23 part No.);
Add GEELY XC2336B-40F  (1 part No.);
Add JAGUAR 9S12DT128 (5 part No.);
Add SUBARU R7F7016863 (5 part No.);
Add VW R7F701071  (1 part No.).
Airbag   V30.47 1. Details Optimized
Optimized software.
How to use OBDSTAR P50 for airbag reset?
Please register the device before using.
Instructions for registration.
Distributor code: 0086A002.
The general operation steps are as follows:
1. Read the part number---To see whether it reads the correct part number
2. Read fault codes---Check if there is an airbag crash fault
3. Clear the fault code---A few car models' airbag fault codes can be cleared by cleaning the fault codes directly
4. If reading EEPROM is supported, please read EEPROM
5. Clear the collision record
6. If there is a write VIN function, please write VIN ( Very few Ford and Renault models' VIN information will be erased when cleaning the fault codes)
7. Clear the fault code
8. Read the fault code---To confirm that the fault has been successfully cleared

How to use OBDSTAR P50x 
Pls Click here
OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset tool
Covers 38 Brands and Over 3000 ECU Part No.

OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool Vehicle Coverage:

OBDSTAR P50 Support Car List 

1. Supported 79 Brands 
2. Over 9700 ECU part No.(supports fuzzy search)
3. MCU types: H8SX, RH850, SPC, XC2XXX, TC2XXX, TMS570...

Latest Update:
Airbag Reset V30.55--2024-01-31

Toyota R7F7016443, R7F7016843 erase and repair crash data
all by bench, need to use with CANFD adapter

Major Update BATTERY RESET UPGRADE V30.06 June 2023
Add Audi BMS 8R0915233, 8R0915591 crash record erase and repair (on BENCH)

V30.43 June 2023
                Add 225 part numbers for the below models to support airbag reset:
                Add AUDI 95128,TC27XX-64F 10 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add BENZ 95640,SPC560P50 17 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add BMW 9S12XET512 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add CADILLAC  1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add CHERY R7F701009 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add CHEVROLET XC2361A 5 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add CHRYSLER 95128,95256 3 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add DACIA R7F701XXX 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add DODGE 95128,R7F701064 2 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add FIAT 95256 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add FORD 95160,95640,XC2XXX 7 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add GEELY R7F7010093 4 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add GREATWALL R7F701009 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add HONDA 24C01,93C56,95320,95640,H8SX,H8SX1725,MPC5604,R7F701A223,SPC560P50,SPC56AP54,TC23XX32F 40 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add HYUNDAI 95128,95256,95512,R7F7015803,TC23XX-32F,XC2361A 6 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add INFINITI 95128 2 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add JEEP 95256,95512 2 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add KIA 95512,95640,R7F701019,R7F7015803,R7F701XXX,XC2361A 13 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add MASERATI 95640 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add MAZDA 95128 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add MG R7F7010093 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add MITSUBISHI 95128,TC22XX-16F 3 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add NISSAN 95128,95640,TC22XX-16F 6 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add OPEL  1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add RENAULT 95160,TC222S-16F 27 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add ROEWE TC224L-16F 8 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add SEAT TC22XX-16F 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add SMART SPC560P50 2 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add SSANGYONG SPC560P50L3 22 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add SUBARU 95128,R7F7016863 3 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add SUZUKI R7F7010123,R7F7010183,R7F701A383 6 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add TESLA R7F701330 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add TOYOTA H8SX172X,H8SX1797 11 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add VW 95320,95640,CR16HCS9,CR16MCT9,TC234-32F,TC23XX-32F 14 part numbers Airbag reset support.
5. Details Optimized:
                Optimized FORD R7F701A033 [Erase Crash] processes;
                Optimized HYUNDAI/KIA 95128 [Erase Crash] processes;
                Optimized RENAULT R7F701042 [Erase Crash] processes.

V30.42 March, 2023 
                Add 178 part numbers for the below models to support airbag repair:
                Add AUDI 11KA4,95640,TC27XX-64F,95128 9 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add BENZ 95128,SPC560P50 3 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add BMW 9S12XET512 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add CADILLAC  1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add CHERY R7F701009 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add CHEVROLET 95160,95320,R7F7010693 13 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add DODGE 95512 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add FIAT R7F701064,95320,SPC560P50 3 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add FORD 95160,XC2XXX 25 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                AddHONDA95640,H8SX,R7F701686,TC23XX32F,R5F2154,SPC560P50,SPC56AP54,MPC5604 27 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add HYUNDAI 9S12DT128,XC2361A,TC23XX-32F,95512,TC23XX-16F,95256,TC22XX-16F 24 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add INFINITI 95128 4 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add ISUZU XC2361A-56F,XC2361A-72F 4 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add JEEP 95640,95512,95256 8 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add KIA SPC560P50,R7F701019,95512 5 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add MAZDA TC23XX-16F,95128 4 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add MG R7F7010093 2 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add MITSUBISHI 95128 2 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add NISSAN 95320,95128,95640,TC22XX-16F 6 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add RENAULT 95640,95160,R7F701XXX 6 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add ROEWE TC224L-16F 7 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add SEAT TC22XX-16F 2 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add SMART SPC560P50 2 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add SUBARU  1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add SUZUKI R7F701018 4 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add TESLA 95320 1 part number Airbag reset support;
                Add TOYOTA H8SX172X,H8SX1797 6 part numbers Airbag reset support;
                Add VW TC23XX-32F,MPC5604P,SPC560P50 6 part numbers Airbag reset support.
5. Details Optimized:
                Optimized HYUNDAI/KIA all types processes;
                Optimized FIAT SPC560 [Erase Crash] processes;
                Optimized GEELY R7F7010083/R7F7010093 [Erase Crash] processes;
                Optimized MITSUBISHI TC22XX-16F [Erase Crash] processes;
                Optimized VOLVO 9S12DG128 processes.
Operation system Android 5.1.1
CPU RK3128 quad-core ARM cortex A7
Battery 2600mA, rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Extension memory card 32G micro SD (TF) card supported
Storage capacity 16GB
LCD 5.0 inch
LCD resolution 800*480
Touch screen Capacitive touch screen
Wifi Supported
Working temperature -20℃  ~  55℃(14℉  ~  131℉)
Storage temperature -20℃  ~  70℃(-4℉  ~ 158℉)
Weight About 700g
Dimension 198mm*115*mm*31mm
Package Includes:
1pc x P50 main unit
1pc x main cable
1pc x P004 adapter
1pc x P004 jumper
1pc x 12V2A charger
OBDSTAR P50 package
OBDSTAR P50 display
connect obdstar p50 airbag reset tool 1
connect obdstar p50 airbag reset tool 2
Godiag Tricore Cable is recommended to use with the OBDSTAR P50 for bench work.
It can be used to replace the P004 adapter and jumper. 
connect obdstar p50 with godiag tricore cable 1
connect obdstar p50 with godiag tricore cable 2
connect obdstar p50 with godiag tricore cable 3

Xhorse Multi-Prog Multi Prog ECU TCU Programmer
Global Version Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer Full Package

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OBDSTAR P50 Reset Airbag for Hyundai KIA 95910 N7070



OBDSTAR P50 Nissan Airbag Module Test

Tech support

How to reset Tesla Model 3 airbag by OBDSTAR P50

It’s a cost-effective way to reset Tesla Model 3 airbag by OBDSTAR P50 comparing with change a new airbag ECM.

OBDSTAR P50 Tesla Model 3 Airbag Reset By Bench Tutorials:

Tools Requipment:

Main Cable
P004 Adapter
P004 Jumper
Tesla Model 3 Airbag ECU

Details Steps:

Please Keep OBDSTAR P50 in Charging and communication in the whole process. And update airbag reset software to lastest version.

After updating to latest version, Click Auto Search Part Number. Input part number of ECU(case insensitive), support fuzzy search.

Then Please refer to diagram at bottom left to connect cables.

Conect OBDSTAR P50 with main cable, P004 adapter with main cable and airbag ECU via jumper.

Then turn on power button of P004 adapter and 120Ω resistance.

Airbag Reset Steps: Read DTC – Erase Crash – Read DTC

Click “Read DTC”, It shows a crash fault code.

Then Click “Erase Crash”

Erase Crash Success.

Then Read DTC again, not crash fault code, Tesla Model 3 airbag by OBDSTAR P50 successfully.

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