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X431 Diagun/X431 GX3/X431 Master/X431 Tool Update Notice

X431 Diagun/X431 GX3/X431 Master/X431 Tool Update Notice

Now we can update your X431 Diagun/X431 GX3/X431 Master/X431 Tool, can update to 2013.10.

Here is the link for you to check and buy:

The update contains 80-100 kinds of car model.
The update can be 2 language: English + another language.
The 80-100 model doesn't contains the special vehicle and diesel vehicle, if you need to add, the cost is 50usd/one, 70usd for all diesel vehicles.

Please pay attention on this:

Tell us the serial number for your launch X431 Tool, we need to confirm with the facotry if we can do this update for you.
The serial number must be got from the printed paper, not the one on the device or the one on the case.
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