BMW Creator C310 V5.5 Code Reader technical support

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BMW Creator C310+ V8.0 Code Reader  Support English and German Free update online [ Ship from US,NO Tax]

BMW Creator C310+ V8.0 Code Reader Support English and German Free update online [ Ship from US,NO Tax]

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BMW Creator C310+ Multi System Scan Tool is a hand-held tool, its main functions are read trouble codes, clear trouble codes, displays live data stream and graph display and vehicle version information. This scanner is now available in USA and Australia warehouse free shipping.
BMW Creator C310 V5.5 Code Reader technical support
BMW Creator C310 V5.5 Code Reader technical support 
Turn the ignition off when plug the C310 main unit into the vehicle's 16 pin OBD2 socket. The Creator C310 will full of power supply after connect with vehicle. After that, turn the ignition on either with engine on or off. Press any key to enter the main interface. Two function options are list on the main menu: DIAGNOSTIC & SYSTEM CONFIGURATION
Step 1 Select the "SYSTEMM CONFIGURATION" button in the main menu and click "OK" to continue.
Step 2 The menu screen will display system information and beeper options.
Step 3 Select "SYSTEM INFORMATION" button. The screen will display SN, hardware, software (version& date) information. Notice: The current software is the newest V4.4.
Step 4  Select "OPEN" or "CLOSE" button to keep on running the software or close the software
Step 1 Select "DIAGNOSTIC" button in the main menu
Step 2 The screen will display BMW series information. Select your vehicle type.
Step 3 Select your exactly vehicle model in the next program.
Step 4 Three diagnostic module options: driver, chassis and body are list on the menu. Select "Chassis" button.
Step 5 Select the vehicle module you want to detect and click "OK"
If the Creator C310 fails to communicate with vehicle module, the below error will display. Follow the instruction, turn off the key first and then turn on the key to try again.
Step 6 If the device communicate well with engine module, it will come to the diagnostic menu. Select "Read Trouble Code" button.
Step 7 The detected trouble code will display on the screen menu.
Step 8 Click "Erase Trouble Code" button, it will clear the fault code automatically.
Step 9 Select "Read Datastream", the screen will display general data scream information. Click the button one by one to check detail data information.
Step 10 Select "Information" button, the screen will display the vehicle information listed as below. Click "BACK" to return to the diagnostic menu.

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