GM MDI technical support

GM MDI Recovery Steps,Using Tips,The MDI No Connection with Laptop(solved),The Different between GM MDI and GM Tech2
1.GM MDI Recovery Steps

1).Press the key and ready to connect to the power supply

2).Press the key and connect to the pwoer supply then wait about 10 seconds

3).When all the lights go on,release the key and ready to go into recovery status

Connect the USB cable to PC for recovery


5).Open "GM MDI Manager " and select recover

1.Using Tips:

1).Software cannot be updated online. Please don't update the software online. Once we have new software, we will release it on our website, you can ask the CD for us.
Close any update prompt when you use this software.

2). Software installation
Now this best quality GM MDI 's registration step and activation has become easier. When you install the software, software will generate the PDF file. Then send this PDF file to us, we will activate it for you. For the filled information, please fill your information.After activation then you can go on installation.

regstration file of gm mdi

Please note that  there are 3 discs in the package,the first disc and the second disc are the same ,the data inside is just a little different,you can install disc 1 then disc 3 or install disc2 then disc 3,you don't need to install all the 3 discs.Please follow the video guide.

3). About software
There is the software CD in the package. You can directly use our software CD to install. As this GM MDI is made by original chip. If you have original software, you can use the original software together with our hardware. If you have used original software on this hardware, now you want to use our software again, please refresh the hardware, then you can use our software as usual.

4). About function
This GM MDI has diagnose and programming function. GM MDI is more better for cars after 2009. For old cars, you can choose GM TECH 2.
GM MDI support online programming function. If you want to use this function, you need have the account.

Offline function: After you install the software ready, based on what car model software you install. If you install Chevrolet Europe,
then you can do offline function for Chevrolet Europe. If you install opel, then you can do offline for opel.

3.The MDI No Connection with Laptop(solved)
When you use the GM MDI, But it can not connect your laptop, just as the follw pciture, we will help you how to deal with it


Solutions as follow:
1.The main unit no connect with power and USB.
2.Press the blank key on the main unit, and then connect with USB.
3.Please let go the blank key when the five light lit on.
4.And then mian unit connect USB and laptop,
4.The Different between GM MDI and GM Tech2:
 we can find that both of them do well in diagnosing.  GM MDI is more powerful than GM TECH 2, especially in programming. 
It can support online and offline programming, also it support WIFI. In addition, it has more communication methods than GM TECH 2.



Supported Car Models

Support Cars from 1990-2013 

GM, SAAB, OPEL, SUZUKI, ISUZU and HOLDEN from 1992-2011

Diagnostic Function

With Opel Global tis global diagnostic system and 
GDS2 diagnostic system; 
support diagnosing on 
new SGM Global A Electrical Architecture Vehicles. 
All current and most legacy vehicle protocols: 
UART, KW2000, CLASS2, GM LAN, etc. 

On-board diagnosis on all GM systems; read pin code; 
capture stored diagnostic trouble codes, 
freeze frame and failure record for later review. 
Need an additional truck adapter to diagnose truck.

Programming Function

Since 1996. Programming online for cars it contains;
 programming offline just for Opel and European 
Chevrolet cars.

Need an additional TIS2000 CD and USB KEY. 
Program for GM cars until 2007 year, 
not for GM diesel system. 

WIFI Function


Not support



32 MB Card 


cable communication (OBD2 Cable, USB Cable or Lan Cable); 

Integral RS232 communication port. 
If it works for cars before 1996,use obd1




Operating System

 Win XP 

 Win XP Win7