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Hand baby technical support

Hand baby PCB technical support
1..How to update CBAY/Handy-baby 4D/46/48 transponder key chip copy machine?
1). Turn off the CBAY key programmer, connect the device with computer using USB cable


2). Open the update tool JDM.exe


3) Open and click “Open the files”


4) Locate the update tool and open it


5) Back to the software update program


6) Power on the device, the screen will display “Updating…”


7) Upgrade is in progress

8) Update successfully

2.FAQ for CBAY/handy-baby upgrade:
Q1: I failed to update software?
A1: You need to download and install the upgrade software driver first
Q2: Cannot see serial port (isn’t com0) during update procedure?
A2: Handy baby upgrading needs to install Serial port driver software and install it.
 Installation steps:  right click on “my computer” -> “Device manager” ->”Port(COM and  LPT)”, next  and find out “CP201X” and right click -> open update driver software->
find out driver software in your computer->next and finish.
Q3: Can I update CBAY Chinese version to English version?
A3: No, you cannot.
Q4: Can I downgrade the software to lower version?
A4: No, software can not be downgraded.
Q5: Is there any difference between CBAY and Handy-baby key chip copy machines? I’ve got the Handy-baby key pro, but I failed to copy KIA, HUNDAY, PEUGEOT, and CHEVROLET ID46 chip? Should I get this CBAY instead?

A5: Handy-baby is the domestic name of the key pro, and CBAY is the English version name. They are the same product put by JMD technology. Our CBAY/Handy-baby auto key programmer DO copy ID46 chips, you properly got the machine from other unofficial site. 
3.This is the clone Handy Baby auto key programmer from eOBDShop , now it will be disassembled for all to learn its inner parts.
Disassemble the handy baby key programmer, you will see the green board.

Turn it over you will see the other side of the pcb board. It’s yellow.



Tighten with a screw and open the back cover, and you will see the battery (marked with SP-454853 3.7V 1700mAh) which connected to the car key copy main unit via a red wire.




If you want to lear more about hand baby , you can refer to: http://www.obd2eshop.com/wholesale/cbay-key-copy-key-programmer.html
4.How JMD Handy Baby Copy Volvo XC90 ID48 Chip

Hurry to write something about JMD Handy Baby key programmer; i mean i have managed to copy VOLVO XC90 ID48 chip…

All shared here just want to express my gratitude to obd365… Lots of help i got there, as a green hand… Many thanks 

VOLVO xc90, together with the new key to be programmed and the original key


The two keys and the JMD Handy Baby i used


The original key is encrypted now. Just press “OK” to decode


Make antenna close to coil

Insert and turn the key (collection success)


Put the key into coil to decode (on your own risk)


Decoding … Don’t remove the key


several minutes needed for decoding


ID48 chip decoding success


Then put the new key into coil to copy


5.How to update Handy baby v7.0.0 key programmer:
1 download the Update Software JMD V2.0:
2 connect Handy Baby to computer. (Please don’t start it, keep it off)
3 open the Update Software JMD V2.0, choose the V7.0 file and click “Open File”.
4 turn on Handy Baby, it will show updating.
Now just wait a second, the update will be finished soon.




Then you will be able to have access to new function.

JMD HandyBaby v7.0 New functions:
Simulating as the transponder (4D)
Read more type of transponder
GM ID46 generate
Dump to key(translation has not finish, so English software is empty now)
Please Kindly Notice:
we are sure Ford(80bit) which made in China can be copy, but not sure Ford in all the countries can be copy, so it may decode fail. Locksmiths from Europe success in copying Ford(80bit)
Handy Baby v7.0 function list: (update 09/07/2016)
Transponders copy : 46/4D /4C/64/13/12/11/33/42(online)
ID48 copy: vice ID48(changeable uid), delphi immo box, part of VW, Fiat, Audi, Volvo, Honda etc.
DST80 copy: Toyota 72G(online), Ford 4D83(online), Hunydai/Kia 4D70
Chip transfer: 4D60/60+ transfer to 4D63/83 cars
Transponder simulation
Read/write: 46/48/4D/4D+/8A
Transponders reading:
11/12/13/33/40/41/42/44/46/47/48 /60/60+/61/62/63/63+/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70/71/72G/73/8A/49 and smart keys etc.
Chip generate: 60/61/62/63/64/65/67/68/6A/6B/71/60+/63+/72G etc.
Chip generate: different format data of ID46
Frequency and modulation mode test(remote)
ECU signal/ data stream of ID46/ key type (all lost) detect
Update online
7.Handy baby Cbay Clone Machine clone G chip Step by step 

(Feedback) Handy baby Cbay Clone Machine needs to be connected to pc to clone g chips, works well and I used support obd2eshop.com engineer set it up & he was great. Although I did a chip on an Australian commodore & the range wasn good enough to reach the reader so wouldn’t work in the key.
It is verified that these following toolsn ca’t clone G chip, they are:
884 Decryptor Mini
It is verified Handy Baby Cbay clone machine is ok to clone g chip.
Tools to prepare:
Handy Baby clone machine
Toyota G key

It is easy to clone g chip with Handy Baby:

Place JMD G transponder and press Copy.

Success, go start the car.

5.How to Add VW Polo 2014 Key by JMD Handy Baby

How to copy more Volkswagen keys with JMD handy baby car key copy machine? Using JMD Assistant with handy baby key programmer v7.0.0.

Version 7.0.0 Handy baby update new functions:

1.       Simulating ID46

2.       read and write from/to ID47(Hiatg3)

3.       Distinguish A/G keys of Honda ID47(Hitag3)

4.       More detail information in keys(including hitag AES, hitag PRO, etc)

5.       ID46 of Beidouxing(Suzuki) generate

6.       Honda ID47(hitag3)  generate(with blank ID47)

7.       Copy more Volkswagen keys(with JMD Assistant)

(JMD Assistant will be available in one or two week)

Add a new Volkswagen keyPurpose:


VW – POLO – 2014

Tools for use:

The original key

A new key to be programmed

JMD assistant

Handy baby key programmer



Put JMD Assistant into the Handy Baby’s coil , and get into “basic-info” menu, wait several seconds and press OK to read, it will show information of JMD Assistant.



Put the original key to read out data



Take out the original and put the new key into the coil to copy key data



Test the new key on the Polo. It’s verified to work no issues.


JMD assistant and Handy baby auto key programmer copy a Polo key successfully!