Setup NYO V4.0 Step by Step

Here is the technical service of Setup NYO V4.0, it mainly diaplay how to setup it step by step. Hope it can help you solve you using problem. If you have any other problem, please feel free to contact our customer service by online chat, email, skype and msn.
There is the one with key generation by the following steps:

1, you must turn off your ANTI-VIRUS programme before you install NYO4 or no matter what you do NYO4 will not work. Don't worry its harmless,
After installation is successful you can turn it back on.

2, Open up a new folder on your desktop, don't bother renaming it. You will need this later.

3, Open up WLgen_[ S4C] exe and click on license manager.

4, Click on add license.

5, Next, go to your desktop and click on the NYO4 shortcut. It will bring up your hardware id.

6, Put this hardware id in the keygen where it says hardware id, and also put your name in where it says name. leave Custom data blank.

7, Where it says license generation store generated licenses in folder: At bottom of keygen . Delete what is in this box . Then open new folder on desktop and copy then paste the Address into the empty box: Wil look something like this

C:\Documents and Settings\adam\Desktop\New Folder

8, Now click on create license.

9, Now go to new folder on the Desktop again and open it. Put all what is now in this folder into the folder that was created by NYO4 when you first installed. It will be in here. C:\

10, Now click on the word document which says smart key. Which is now in the NYO4 folder .

*** you have to double click registry file before,if not the dialogue box will not give you window to entere your registration code!!!!!!

11, Click on the NYO4 shortcut on the desktop. It will now be asking you to enter name and license key.
Use the information on the smart key word document and enter this into the required fields.

12, Click OK. Then its job done.

13, After this, whenever you start NYO4 it will still ask for you to enter name and license key. Now you can enter anything and it will work.

Make sure you follow every step carefully. If it does not work you are doing something wrong.

The above steps for windows xp ,not sure if there is a different procedures for others !!