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Return for Repair or Replacement

Return for Repair or Replacement

Return for Repair:

Once your item is damaged or cannot be used after using some time later and need repair, we will provide repair service for you. The repair time is usually about 1 week. But sometimes it will delay some time because of holiday or factory reason.

If it is during warranty time, we will repair it for you with free.

If it is out warranty time, we will charge you some repair fee.

Usually, as repair service is for device main unit, after it is repaired well, we will send it to you by flat air mail for free. If you need it urgently and want us to ship it by Express, you have to add the Express fee.

Return for Replacement:


For some reason, you need to return the item back to us for replacement. Once we get your return item and check it in good condition, we will arrange shipment for you within 2 days.


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