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What Kind of Express Can You Choose to Ship?

What Kind of Express Can You Choose to Ship?

1. Our delivery methods:

Express: DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT and FedEx
Flat airmail: Singapore Post & Hongkong post

Delivery Options Delivery time       Tracking Link
3-5 workring days
7-10 workring days
3-5 workring days
3-5 workring days
3-5 workring days
10-20 working days
10-20 working days

2. Usually, we ship out your item by DHL, EMS or Singapore Post.
After your order, if your item value is more than 150USD, we will ship it by DHL or EMS, while the not-so-valuable item less than 150USD, it will be shipped out by Singapore post. 
If you have specific requirement on the shipping method, please contact us customer service.

3. Special shipment notice

1) Brazil customers notice
If you want to ship the item by DHL, UPS, TNT or Fedex, you have to provide us your CPF No. (tax No.), that's is necessary for shipment and customs clearance. But if you use EMS, Singapore post or Hongkong post, it doesn't need CPF No..

2) EMS Service only to specific countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, France, etc.

3) We can use the special shipment as your authorized agent.

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